Thoughts on the current chains experience

When we first launched ooVoo chains as a feature, our goal was (and still is) to provide a place where collaboration between you and your friends can create interesting things based on experiences you share. Roughly two months after release, while we do see creativity here and there the usage of chains is somewhat different.

Reading your comments and analyzing usage data, here are the major pain points we identified -

  • Low quality content in chains
  • Getting unwanted people in chains you created
  • People use chains to text each other which pushes good content out

Chains changes in version 4.2.1

With the release of ooVoo 4.2.1 for iOS and Android we are changing some rules regarding chains to make sure you'll have a cleaner experience:

Only your friends will be able to add to chains you created

Previously, both your friends and their friends could add to chains you created which sometimes led to people know knowing who is going to add to their chains once they created them, making the whole experience feel unsafe and unpredictable. We are solving this by allowing only your friends to contribute so looking at your friends list, you will know has permissions.

Removing the "Random" section

The thought process behind the Random Chains section was to give an opportunity for new content to get discovered and moved over to trending. So that was theory 😇 when analyzing content from the random section over the last month, we saw mostly low quality content that served as a breeding ground to spamming friend requests that in turn fed low quality content in trending. We're going to remove the random section for now until "trending" and "network" are stabilized.

How will we get better

The changes in 4.2.1 are quick wins that will allow us to clean up the chains experience in the short term but we're not stopping here.

As mentioned, we're actively investigating bubble style text chat as well as other highly requested features (I'm looking at you "who's online") and improving the video stability and quality. Hopefully this blog will allow us to share updates more frequently as they happen.


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